Two Decades of Solis’ Legacy in Pilsen and the 25th Ward

January 31, 2019

Daniel Solis’ history in Pilsen is a long one that dates back before he even became alderman. Solis used to head the United Neighborhood Organization, founded in 1984, an organization riddled with corruption scandals over the last decade. Research by a group of activists—including would-be Pilsen Alliance leaders—was given to the Chicago Sun-Times and revealed […]

Pilsen Alliance Statement On Alderman Solis Retirement:

November 26, 2018

By the time Daniel Solis was appointed to be alderman of the 25th Ward in 1996, he had a long track record in developing the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) during the 1980’s through protests demanding city services. Having stayed an arms length from Harold Washington, Solis had a close relationship with Mayor Richard M. Daley […]

Pilsen Alliance Hiring Part-Time Community Organizer

July 16, 2018

Posted: July 16, 2018 Pilsen Alliance Community  Organizer Summary Pilsen Alliance is a grassroots community organization with 20 years of advocacy work in the Pilsen community and across the Chicagoland area. This community organizing position does not require formal training but it does require some organizing experience and passion for social justice advocacy work. The […]

Pilsen Alliance addresses housing, bicycle path

July 9, 2018

  By Patrick Butler Careful development of the plan-ned El Paseo bike path and existing community garden and their relation to the overall preservation of what is left of affordable housing were among the concerns voiced at a recent Pilsen Alliance meeting. Preserving a family friendly, working class haven took center stage at the two-and-a-half-hour […]

Preserving Pilsen: The Future of Green space and Affordable housing

June 1, 2018

Dear Pilsen neighbor, I hope this letter finds you well. As you are undoubtedly aware, regardless if you are a tenant or a landlord, a new or long-term resident, housing costs in Chicago have skyrocketed in Pilsen and across the city. Housing costs have been increasing unabated for nearly a decade. During this same time period, approximately ten thousand Pilsen residents […]