COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Pilsen Alliance and our allies at Femme Defensa work to serve our hardest hit communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We assist in providing mutual aid support, including foodboxes, emergency funds & tenants rights training and direct action advocacy. Our work is centered and focused on most vulnerable populations including elder citizens, people with disabilities, the homeless, undocumented immigrants and working-class families in our community.

To volunteer with mutual aid, please email: For all inquiries for support please email or call 312-243-5440

For a list of COVID-19 Resources in the 25th ward, please click here

COVID-19 Community Announcements and Resources

Vaccines for Kids-Ages 5-18
December 18th at Dvorak Park 10am-2pm

Know Your Rights as a Tenant during COVID-19!

Click on image to visit Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing Rentervention

If you or someone you know has been given a notice for an eviction, any kind of lock-out, utility shutoff, please call Pilsen Alliance 312-243-5440!  We partner with several housing justice organizations that support tenants rights such as the Metropolitan Tenants Organization and Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing.

Our commitment is to support tenants by providing tenants rights, legal advocacy and organizing for community power!

Our office hours as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm or by scheduling an appointment with us!  We are located at 1744 w 18th Street, Chicago IL 60608.

Femme Defensa

Femme Defensa has been addressing a lack of government support for gender-based violence and food insecurity in the Chicago neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village through community activism and direct support services like urban farming and self defense classes. “What it comes down to is community care. Solo el pueblo va salvar el pueblo [Only the community will be able to save the community].”— Mari Posa* of Femme Defensa

Check out this link for the full story in Borderless Magazine highlighting Femme Defensa and other local community changemakers who are making a difference in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, as part of the journalism series Mi Barrio Me Respalda:

Or scan this QR code:


Photo credit: April Alonso/CatchLight Local Fellow for Borderless Magazine 


Please support Femme Defensa

Donate to the Love Fridge

The Love Fridge is a Chicago mutual aid group grounded in food, working to place community refrigerators across the city.

There are several love fridges in the community, including one in Pilsen!

To find a love fridge near you, please visit:


Emergency Assistance During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our neighbors especially working -class immigrant essential workers like Oscar DeLeon.

During difficult times, individuals like Oscar, who after months battling COVID-19, he was in dire straits with medical expenses and unable to keep up with his rent.

Click here to learn about his story:

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide Oscar and his family $1,000.00 to help him get back on his feet.

Please continue to support our mutual aid emergency fund by donating to us at


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