Pilsen School Parents, Residents Stand in Support of Teachers

Thursday September 13 2012

Pilsen School Parents, Residents Stand in Support of Teachers

Pilsen Alliance stands with public schools and with those who work hard everyday to make them better. To our community, a formal education is a critical vehicle to a better life: the essence of the American Dream.

This is why Pilsen Alliance stands with the teachers, the frontline on the war against poverty, crime and ignorance.

In solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union and along thousands of Chicago residents, we demand:

• Lower Class Sizes
• Social Services for Children
• Investing in All Schools
• Stop School Closings, Charter Expansion and Turnarounds
• Stop Turnover of Experienced Teachers
• Compensate Teachers Fairly
• Democratically Elected School Board!


You can help:

• Come to the Chicago Teachers Union Strike Solidarity Center at Teamsters Auditorium at 300 S. Ashland and volunteer.
• Join teachers, parents and community daily from 3:30 to 6:00 pm at PS administration building, 125 S. Clark, every day.
• Join marches, rallies and events.
• Pick up support signs and place them on your lawn, window and local business.
• Call Mayor Emanuel at 312-744-330 and CPS CEO Brizard at 773-553-1500. Tell them that you support the teachers and to listen to their demands. Tell them that you support more funding for your children’s school, not more charters.
• Write to the Chicago news media.
• Call Primo’s Pizza, (312) 243-1052, and make a donation. Primo’s is delivering food to picket line supporter. Try to pool donations and to not call during peak hours.
• Check the latest, get more info:

• CTU Hotline: 312-329-6209
• Website: http://ctscampaign.weebly.com/strike-support.html
• Email ChicagoTeachersSolidarity@gmail.com
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChicagoTeachersSolidarity
• Twitter: @CTSCampaign
• Text message updates: text @ctsc2012 to 23559 for strike and picket updates