Pilsen Closer to Winning Battle against Pollution

Thursday February 16 2012

Over 150 community residents and local activist showed up to a city council meeting Wednesday to urge Chicago lawmakers to clean up pollution in Pilsen and Little Village. The crown demanded to move the city beyond coal by shutting down Midwest Generation’s Fisk and Crawford coal plants.

Pilsen Alliance board member Rosalie Mancera delivered a speech highlighting the true cost of coal in our community. A 2010 Clean Air Task Force report states that, “the pollution associated with the Fisk and Crawford coal burning power plants leads to an estimated 42 premature deaths, 66 heart attacks, and 720 asthma attacks per year”. Members of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition planned the event at Chicago City Hall to show solidarity with the victims of coal.
“We are all part of the 42, will you be next?” participants’ T-shirts read.

“There are certain things we just can’t live with. One of them is polluted air that kills us, sickens us and costs us millions of dollars every year,” Mancera said. “As residents of the communities next to Fisk and Crawford we are here to say: Let’s move Chicago beyond coal NOW. We have no time to waste.”