Pilsen Alliance leaders supported a community driven process during the hearing at Saucedo Elementary.

January 16, 2016

We joined and supported the voices of teachers, parents and students who questioned CPS plan for the co-location of Saucedo, Telpochcalli, and Spry Community High School to save $95,000, while the mayor keeps giving away millions of dollars in public funding to private projects (TIF funding to DePaul stadium, luxury condos, etc), and in the mean time our schools were closed, our teachers are threaten to be laid off and now they want to impose an unjustified co-location in a schools that are at capacity to save pennies.
These impositions will not be tolerated in our communities, we will not let Rahm continue with his failed plans and compromise the future of our children while he keeps subsidizing the rich and privatizing our public education system through corrupt and inefficient charter schools. Our children, all children, deserve better!
These decisions would not be made in other parts of the city, and they will not be tolerated in our communities either. We will join any efforts to stop this ridiculous plan.