Mayor Commits to Resolution for Pollution Problem in Pilsen

Thursday February 23 2012

On the heels of a press conference by community activist last week, 25th Ward alderman Daniel Solis spearheaded a press conference in which he was joined by fellow Latino elected officials, health care workers, and environmental leaders, to acknowledge the efforts of mayor, Rahm Emanel, in his support to the coal power plant issue in Pilsen and Little Village, applauding his initiative to find a solution.

The article reports that a deadline has been set to find a resolution by the end of the month. If not, “Ald. George Cardenas, 12th, chairman of the Health and Environmental Protection Committee, said he is ready to call a hearing next month on the proposed ordinance (clean power ordinance) if the city and company fail to resolve the dispute,” the article reports.

The owners of the power plans, Midwest Generation, had previously agreed with Illinois officials to clean up by 2015 at Fisk, and 2018 at Crawford. This new ordinance would speed up the process or force them to shut down.

Ald. Daniel Solis said that the city, environmental leaders, and the company were in negotiations to find a resolution. He said, “We’re hopeful … that they negotiate a compromise by the end of the month.” Pollution and air quality in Pilsen and Little Village have been designated as the poorest among densely populated urban communities; both neighborhoods are populated by mostly working class and people of color.

Read more form Hal Dardick’s and Michael Hawthorne’s story on the Chicago Tribune below.

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