Celebrate Pilsen’s Victory over Pollution

Friday March 16 2012

Come to the Clean Air Dance

Two weeks ago the company operating the coal power plant in Pilsen listened to the community’s concerns and announced it will close it down. This historic announcement is a huge victory for clean air. Join us to celebrate it and contribute to organizing your community.

Support the Clean Air Party and make a contribution to Pilsen Alliance’s work.
The event will take place Friday, March 23, from 6 PM to 10 PM,
at Casa Aztlan, 1831 S. Racine. Tickets are only $10.
Food and refreshments will be available.

Pilsen Alliance worked alongside the Chicago Clean Power Coalition to reach an agreement with the company and the city. Our contribution was to connect the issues on the table to the average Pilsen resident and to encourage other groups to take the side of Clean Air.

Pilsen Alliance also introduced the need for a Community Benefits Agreement in the process, a signed document establishing a formal collaboration between Midwest Generation and community representatives. The agreement establishes a community council to assist the company on community matters. Pilsen Alliance will be part of the Council.

The next phase will be the remediation and development of this riverfront property. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asserted his role on this and has convened a community committee to evaluate future projects. Pilsen Alliance is a candidate to be part of this council.

For all these good reasons, please support Pilsen Alliance. Make a donation today through our website or send us a check. Your monetary contribution is tax deductible.

Thank you.