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Municipal Aggregation or Community Energy Choice: The Right Choice For Consumers, Communities and the Environment

Friday October 19 2012

What is Community Energy Choice? In Illinois, communities are allowed to purchase electricity on behalf of their residents and small businesses. By “aggregating” its customers into one big group, a community can negotiate with suppliers and get better deals for electricity on behalf of its citizens. Part of getting a better deal is getting a […]

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Mayor Emanuel Receives Reuse Recommendations for the Fisk and Crawford Sites

Thursday September 27 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel received the report of his Fisk and Crawford Reuse Task Force Saturday, reiterating his administration’s commitment to making the plant sites a national example of Brownfield redevelopment. The coal power plants in Pilsen and Little Village cease operations in September. The Task Force report offers an agreeable framework for redevelopment and a […]

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Fisk Site Development Survey Report

Tuesday August 28 2012

This coming September, 110 years of making electricity out of coal will come to an end in Pilsen with the closing of the Fisk power plant, and options must be considered to replace it. According to a Pilsen Alliance survey of several hundred Pilsen residents, the top neighborhood redevelopment choices for the site are green […]

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Pilsen Surveyed on Future of Coal Plant Site

Wednesday June 20 2012

Article written by Curtis Black for the website Community Media Workshop Pilsen residents will fill out surveys at a community meeting Wednesday, describing what they want to see on the site of a local coal plant slated for closing. It’s part of an ongoing survey being conducted by the Pilsen Alliane among its membership and […]

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