TIF/Give Us Our Money Back, aims at larger issues of fiscal equity and economic development opportunities by advocating for spending priorities relevant to the largest number of Pilsen residents.

The TIF Campaign is focused on addressing the inequities promoted by current Tax Increment Financing, created by an upside-down understanding of the purposes of this economic development tool.  Pilsen has had an industrial TIF since 1998, but since then, an overwhelming share of the funds have gone to private projects benefitting a small number of people.  Our goal is to secure a portion of the funds currently in the TIF to be invested in economic development, affordable housing, schools and youth programs.  We are currently discussing a plan to be presented to the community, which outlines the use the neighbors demand for their own taxes and how to make it happen.

On a citywide level, we are supporting the agenda put forward by the Grassroots Collaborative regarding corporate responsibility and a resignation of priorities for public dollars.  The GC seems to be closer to the position of ending the TIFs, but its members seemed open to some flexibility, at least during the planning of the July 7 People’s City Council event.  The GC and PA fully agree that the emphasis of our city’s public spending would be placed on affordable housing, schools and living wage jobs.  

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