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Pilsen Alliance Summer Solidarity Celebration

Saturday July 18 2015

Dear Friend, For 17 years, Pilsen Alliance has worked to promote development without displacement. On a new anniversary of our organization, celebrate one more year of solidarity and resilience with us, and help us move this vision forward. Join Pilsen Alliance’s Summer Solidarity Celebration. Have a great time and support independent organizing. The event will […]

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Fisk and Crawford Reuse Task Force – Final Report

Fisk and Crawford Reuse Task Force – Final Report – September 2012

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First Bulletin

Thursday October 09 2014

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New Shredder Community Meeting / Junta Comunitaria Nueva Trituradora

A new metal shredder is in the works in Pilsen. Chicago has two shredder, and one of them is already in Pilsen. Metal shredders make a contribution by recycling metal of all types. However, they can also pose important hazzards to the surrounding community. Please come to the meeting and find out what this will […]

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Strong Community Support for Strike, Latest Poll Shows

From Capitol Fax: After three days on the picket lines, striking Chicago teachers have a strong majority of Chicagoans behind them, according to a new poll.  Also, an overwhelming majority of Chicago parents with public school students support the strike, the poll found.  And strong pluralities blame Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The poll of 1,344 voting […]

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