Education Justice

We organize with parents, youth, teachers and community to address educational challenges and inequalities that negatively impact low income communities of color.

We recruit and train grassroots leaders to organize for self-determination and to be the decision makers in the community.  Our direct action efforts are aimed to hold our leaders accountable to the community.

We participate in several education campaigns and city-wide coalitions that address systemic racism as it relates to our schools. Our education justice demands include:

1) Fully funded neighborhood schools that provide highest quality education programs including a librarian, full time nurse in every school.

2) The development of grassroots leadership of parents, youth teachers and communities of color most impacted by racist education policies to be the driving force moving forward towards racial equity and justice in our education system.

3) The removal of all School Resource Officers (SROS) and police from all our schools and the reallocation of funds to support restorative justice programs and mental health for youth and families in our community. 

4) An elected representative school board that oversees the Chicago Public School system, the 3rd largest in the nation, and the only school district in Illinois without an elected school board.

5) fully empowered Local School Councils, that wll exercise democratic control of our schools and prevent the further charitization, privatization and corruption that has short changed our community under decades of Mayoral control and inaction from our State legislators.