Education Justice

We organize with parents, youth, teachers and community to address educational challenges and inequalities that negatively impact low income communities of color.  Please click here to view our Education Justice principles and platform.

Join us Sep. 27 for a Listening Project on Education Justice in the City of Chicago!

Education Justice Listening Project

Monday, September 27, 2021  5:00pm-7:00pm

Join parents, youth and community education advocates throughout the city as we work towards a common vision for education justice in Chicago!

(Outdoors gathering) Walter Dyett High School 555 E. 51st Street. Chicago, IL

New CEO of Chicago Public Schools Pedro Martinez brings neo-liberal agenda and political baggage to CPS.

September 15, 2021

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her newly appointed CEO of Chicago Public Schools Pedro Martinez visited Benito Juarez Academy despite virtually no parents or community members in attendance.  We decided that bringing parents from CPS schools who are genuinely concerned about the reopening of our schools, where reported covid cases and exposure have already occurred within the first few weeks of school.

We were met with Chicago Police Department and Mayor Press Staff pushing community members away from the press conference.  Watch twitter video of the confrontation here. This is level of disrespect to our community that we will continue to endure under a Mayor controlled school board, and local administrators who play politics with children’s health and education!

Stay involved with Pilsen Alliance to learn more how we can make change for our schools! Si se puede!

Our Fight for Fully Elected School Board at Chicago Public Schools

emergency meeting regarding elected school board bill

The recently passed and signed concession bill on Elected School Board will allow for a 21 member school board beginning in 2024. 10 members will be elected by the community, 10 will be appointed by the Mayor including the president of the board of education. 

A fully elected school board will not take effect until 2027, essentially creating a path for 6 more years of Mayoral control.  Although this bill is not what parents, youth, and community have been pushing for for over a decade; we will continue to organize and keep putting the pressure on our elected officials for a fully elected school board at Chicago Public Schools.  Read our joint statement here

Our next steps are to continue to fight for a FULLY elected school board that includes participation for all non-citizens.  Keep an eye out for upcoming meetings and activities in August!