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School Parents Visit Financial Institution to Demand End to “Toxic Swaps” Ripping off Millions from Public Schools

Banks Involved Make $72 Million a Year from Public Schools, City of Chicago A delegation of local school council leaders, students and supporters from Pilsen and other communities paid a visit to Jim Reynolds, president and CEO of Loop Capital Markets LLC, to demand the renegotiation of its company’s portion of “toxic swaps” costing Chicago […]

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CPS Continues to Gut Public Education: More Budget Cuts

Pilsen Still in the Dark about Cuts to Local Schools on Last Week of Classes As feared, the elimination of 50 Chicago schools and 800 teachers and school staff was not the end in the on-going gutting of our city’s public education. New budget cuts to individual schools of up to 25% are bound to cause […]

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Monday February 18 2013

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